Get the Sun Tan Lotion!

If you see this when you’re looking for grouse, you’re getting hotter, because you’re in the right place. This pile of grouse guano was found on a mossy log on the edge of a regenerating clear cut, but we never did quite catch up with the bird that was responsible for this ...

Last weekend was rough for us grouse hunters with all of the rain, but this past weekend was actually worse - it was way too hot for hunting, for us and the dogs. We still had a couple of good days, but on Sunday, when the temps were at their highest, the birds were pretty hard to find. We hunted some upland coverts that morning, in the hopes that we’d be hitting them before the real heat started, but it quickly became way too warm for all of us. We moved to streamside locales later for the early afternoon, and while it was cooler, the damage had been done - a few bumped birds later, and we were done for the day. Dogs have a tough time scenting birds in warm weather, so Monty and Rudy got passes for their efforts.

Thankfully, we had a great day on Saturday, moving between 30 and 35 birds. No rhyme or reason to it - that’s why it’s hunting! We’ll hope for cooler weather soon, and it should be here by this weekend.
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