Some good, some not so good

Monty with his first woodcock point of the morning
More training runs this morning for Monty and Bode, with similar results for the boys. Conditions were pretty good for this time of year - overcast and probably about 60 degrees, but I still brought plenty of water for the dogs, as they were working pretty hard for the 2.5 hours we were in the Vermont woods.

Another woodcock point from Monty this morning
Monty got out there first this morning and had a couple of nice points on two woodcock that he contacted, but had trouble with the grouse. A small brood of two or three got away as he got a little too close. In fact, the two "broods" that we encountered today were both small (2 or 3 each), but that has been balanced by a couple of large broods that we saw last week, so who knows how the season will be.

Bode was next and worked very hard and under control - he had a beautiful point his one woodcock, but while he was birdy just prior to breaking in to a grouse brood, he just couldn't stop himself. Scenting conditions weren't great, but we always hope for better when we're out there.

Some of the early berries (raspberries and choke cherries) are out now, so there are many more food sources out there for the grouse. More to come soon.
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