NH Finale

Yesterday was my last day of guiding in NH, as the muzzleloader deer season is set to open on Saturday, so we really wanted to go out with a bang. A “pep talk” was given to Greta, Rudy and Monty, and they decided to give it their all on our final day out in the granite state. Unfortunately, the weather was too nice - mid 60s and sunny, almost too warm for the dogs and us hunters, so it turned out to be a tougher day than usual. This was the first of three straight unseasonably warm days for our area. Along for the ride this time was our friend Brian Boudreau, who hadn’t upland bird hunted in some time, but was fired up for a big day.
Still, we had good dog work from all three shorthairs, but Brian’s best chance was probably twenty minutes in to our hunt when an escaping grouse flushed across the trail in front of him, only to fly on unscathed. The highlight of the hunt was a great woodcock point by Rudy, but the bird eluded us when he finally did flush, presenting no chance for a shot. The same thing happened a few hours later when Greta staunchly pointed another woodcock, only for it to flush, you guessed it, the wrong way. Monty also put in some good work near the end of our day, but Brian didn’t have any chances on the four grouse that we moved in the cover. It was a tough way to end our NH season, but we had a good time anyway, and got plenty of exercise in.

The Vermont leg of our guiding season opens for the next two weeks, which will be good - it’s always great exploring some new areas and getting reacquainted with our old covers as well. Rifle season in Vermont doesn’t open for another two weeks, so we’ll have the woods to ourselves for a little while. The weather should be turning colder too - all the better to hunt grouse in!
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