The Conversion from Waterfowl to Upland Birds

Is it possible to change from one style of hunting to another, almost entirely different, type of hunting? I'm not sure, but we made a valiant attempt at it for two days with Warren and Yvonne. In all honesty, Warren had pursued upland birds prior to this, but Yvonne was a true novice to grouse and woodcock hunting. A duck and goose hunting enthusiast, Yvonne may have been used to the sudden explosion of wings from incoming waterfowl. In grouse hunting, we have explosions too - of a different kind, and they take some getting used to if you've never done it before. She learned quickly that things happen very fast in hunting upland style. Good numbers of pa'tridges and timberdoodles went up, and four of the woodcock made it to the game bag. Only time will tell if Warren can convince Yvonne to slog through the north country uplands again in pursuit of our favorite quarry!
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