My List of Excuses

oh ... that sun might be a problem
Over my years of grouse hunting, I have garnered an appreciation for all of the many ways that grouse have eluded me, sometimes as a result of their cunning, but mostly because of my ineptitude.

The list of reasons is long, and undoubtedly there are some that I am forgetting, but the last one is probably the real reason.

  • It's too warm
  • The sun was in my eyes
  • It's too cold
  • There's not enough wind
  • It's too breezy
  • The birds are running
  • I almost stepped on that grouse
  • I slipped on an old log
  • That tree got in the way
  • The cover was so tight that I couldn't swing my gun
  • I rushed my shot
  • I didn't hear that one flush
  • The leaves are too crunchy
  • Too much foliage
  • Not enough foliage - they're seeing us from a great distance and getting out
  • My reflexes are getting slower as I grow older …
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