Before the Storm ...

It’s pretty blustery outside tonight as I write this. Our nor’easter blew in last night and intensified this morning, leading to a big rainout of a day for our bird hunters. We did have some great autumn days this week however, and I was fortunate to spend a couple of those days hunting with Mike Scarks and Lou Wood, both veteran bird hunters, but new to the woods of Pittsburg. Lou brought along his two year old setter Tessa, and we also hunted with Greta and Rudy, with Monty mopping up on our last afternoon.

We had some good work from the dogs, and Tessa got plenty of work in over the two days. Tessa in particular excelled on many woodcock, and Rudy and Greta had some good work on the grouse. Monty tried hard but was unable to find any birds in his time in the woods. Mike and Lou were both good shots, as they harvested a total of six grouse and five woodcock over our two days together - pretty good, considering that we moved close to forty birds in two days.

The weather is supposed to slowly get better this week, with temps staying on the cold side - perfect weather for more flights of woodcock!
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